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The TUS-10 is an innovative standalone barcode/magnetic stripe time and attendance reader. It is based on ZEM510 platform with a magnificent 3”  black & white display.

The TUS-10 elegant design Barcode or Magstripe device.

TUS-10 Barcode/Magstripe Clocking Machine  £349


Offering unparalleled performance on an embedded Linux platform with all the features a modern time and attendance reader should have including relay contacts for external bell and contacts for direct RS232 printer output.

TCP/IP communication is standard and will ensure that data transmission between the terminal and PC. The USB port on the side of the clocking machine can be used to transfer the data to and from the PC using a USB flash drive.

The ZK Time software that is supplied with the TUS-10 is a full version of the software that enables you to setup features within the TUS-10, enter employee details, create shift patterns, manually amend clocking’s for people who forgot to clock.

Report generating is also built into the software and the ability to export into many different formats. Making it suitable to import into some payroll systems.

The TUS-10 and the software is a complete package and you can be up and working within a few hours suitable for small to medium size business including bars, clubs restaurants shops etc.

To view the ZK Time Software Click Here

If your clocking requirements should need to use a card based system and you wish to print your own cards to reduce costs then the TUS-10 in barcode format could be the device for you.

The TUS-10 is a system that most small, medium to large size companies will be very impressed with giving a reliable fingerprint reader clocking machine and a fully functional time and attendance software that you would expect from a more expensive system.

TUS-10 Clocking System


What's included in the price:

  • TUS-10 Barcode/Magstripe Clocking Machine
  • Mounting Bracket and Fixings
  • ZK Time Software up to 200 Employees

  • UK Power Supply
  • Video and Detailed setup and user instructions
  • Lifetime email and telephone support