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Suitable for mounting indoors and visible from all angles. This analogue clock only requires one AA battery to operate and does not require any further setting.

Large easy to read Analogue wall clock

Battery Powered MSF Analogue Clock    £34.99


With a 300mm diameter display and finished in a silver surround the clock not only looks very stylish but is also packed with the latest technology. The clock uses the radio signal that is transmitted by the National Physical Laboratory based in Anthorn Cumbria. The time is sent over on 60Khz signal and the clock will receive this signal at periodic times throughout the day and adjust the clock accordingly. Making time adjustment for British summer time automatically and always show the correct time.

Requiring only one AA battery to run the clock makes the clock an easy to install device and very cost effective. The clock is very accurate using a high specification quartz crystal and with the added advantage of being radio controlled you can be sure the time will always be accurate.

Great wall clock for offices, schools, restaurants, bars and many more locations.

Analogue Wall Clock