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Wall or ceiling mounted LED message sign. Programmable via supplied PC software or via remote control.

Multi coloured animated LED Sign

Large Scrolling LED Message Sign              £225



Ideal for all stores, clubs, entrance halls, supermarkets, schools etc….

The message board is fully programmable via the supplied infra red remote control or you can connect the board to a PC and use the supplied software to create messages and animation.

The 840 Duo Colour - LED`s are extremely bright and have a brilliant and luscious colour reproduction.

Built into an aluminium case the sign is suitable for many industries.

Technical Data:

- Letters can be displayed in multiple colours.

- various lettering types and sizes to choose from (e.g.: script, block, cursive, thin, thick and so on...)

- multiple striking display functions: (e.g.: inverse lettering, text from left to right, text from right to left, text from the middle to the right or left, automatic colour change of the text, end text from the outside to the inside and from right to left, insert text from the top or the bottom, cross fade text, individual letters, random choice, various speeds and so on.....)

- Animated graphics are also available: (e.g.: driving car, walking turtle and so on....)

- 32k storage sufficient for more than 7000 messages.

- RS 232 and USB interface for programming.

- Remote control for programming

LED Message Sign